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1、 有些緣由的水壓低,不用定用增壓泵:
1. For some reasons, the water pressure is low and the booster pump is not required.
There are many reasons for the formation of water pressure problems, such as the lack of water pressure in the water tank of the old house, which can be disposed of by a booster pump. For example, pipeline aging infarction, excessive 90 degree elbows and so on will also constitute a decrease in water volume, but these reasons constitute a low water pressure, booster pump improvement is limited. In addition, assuming that the equipment has a smaller disposal capacity of water purifier, excessive water consumption will also show a smaller water quality, some users take it for granted that the local plan to install a booster pump, of course, is also ineffective.
2. Choose the type according to the details:
Supercharging pump has a characteristic, when the pipeline water can not keep up with the pump flow or exceed the pump flow, the effect of supercharging will not be obvious. Therefore, the choice of supercharged pumps should be based on the detailed situation to determine the type, such as the confined electric water heater because of its special equipment, the demand for larger flow pumps, otherwise it is difficult to play a role.
The main parameters of the pump are power, head, flow, etc. In order to cater to customers'psychology of pursuing high parameters, many manufacturers often inject a lot of water into marking parameters. There are also those hot water booster pumps, there are no good business directly to the room temperature as hot water. Such pumps have been used in hot water environment for a long time, which can shorten the service life of pumps, and cause short circuit of power lines and fire.
Assuming that conditions permit, users should try their best to choose a comparable brand when purchasing. At the same time, users must understand the theoretical parameters of household tap water booster pump in detail to the merchants, and then choose according to their theoretical production demand. Assuming that businesses are still worried about not telling the truth, there's another trick: look at volume and weight. Under normal conditions, the theoretical parameters of small size and light weight pumps are not higher than those of large and heavy pumps.
The working principle of the tap water booster pump is similar to that of the pressure booster, which exerts a very low pressure on the large diameter air-driven piston. When this pressure acts on a small area piston, a high pressure occurs.
Through a two-position five-ventilation controlled reversing valve, the booster pump can complete continuous operation. The high-pressure plunger controlled by one-way valve discharges liquid from time to time. The outlet pressure of the booster pump is related to the air driving pressure. When the pressure between the driving part and the output part reaches equilibrium, the booster pump will stop running and no longer consume air. When the output pressure drops or the air-driven pressure increases, the booster pump will actively start operation until it reaches the pressure equilibrium again.
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